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We have a large stock holding of many unusual premium paper and card products. Stock items tend to be held in large sheet sizes that allow us to trim to smaller specific sizes as ordered. 

Our professional EBA guillotine with a 72cm cutting blade is made to be accurate to 0.1mm 

Customers can order any bespoke size down to A7 from 1 sheet upto 1 tonne. We charge £30 per hour for this service, plus the cost of the material. Minimum charge is £5. Please ask for a quote

All the stock offered is on our shelves in Yorkshire.

Stock is constantly changing, many items are non repeatable, so please bare that in mind. 

Each item is carefully wrapped before dispatch. We pride ourselves on re-using packaging when possible. So your wrapper may have differing brand identities. Our product description label will always be prominent

Where ever possible our goal is zero plastic packaging unless reused/recycled. We do have a plastic shrink wrapping machine which we use when making small packs of high specification printing papers. They can look a bit naff if wrapped in paper - we will be asking customers to consider paper packing in future. Its just as effective.

 Paper is a natural product and can be adversely effected if not stored correctly. Please allow 24 hours from arrival before opening your package. A quick change in temperature can cause the paper to distort and perform poorly. Warehouse temperatures can be 25 degrees lower than your home.


All our stock is sourced from environmentally sound paper mills in EU/UK/USA - never China

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